Ideas into Apps

AppAce exists to convert great ideas into useful apps. I was talking with family about what a neighbour needed. We came up with a great idea. By the time we finished talking I decided that “I can do that”. So I did.

Follow the link to check out our first app – the eButtonApp at


The eButton is a low energy Bluetooth device. One click of the eButton initiates the eButtonApp on compatible Android phones. eButtonApp sends sms messages to selected contacts. The eButton works up to 20m from the phone. Use the eButton if you cannot get to your phone because of injury, because speed is essential, because you are threatened or because you are embarrassed and prefer not to handle your phone. eButtonApp sends sms to selected contacts with your number, approximate location and a url of your location for Google maps. eButtonApp sends location updates if you move.

AppAce Pty Ltd have some fun ideas that we will be releasing later in 2014.

If you have a great idea and want to turn it into an app, contact us



Ideas Into Apps